Flamenco Guitar Technique

There’s little doubt that flamenco has some of the coolest techniques in the entire guitar world! From Rasgueado to Alzapua, these techniques sound like no other style. If you’re ready to get started, or looking to improve, Flamenco Explained has tutorial videos covering just about anything you might be looking for.

As our name implies, we’re all about actually explaining how to play the stuff you want to play. Our lessons are clear and concise, and they break down exactly what you need to do.

We have lessons on all of the techniques that make flamenco such a unique style. We also have our Technique Bootcamp Course that introduces the concept of Relaxed Stability that will help you play faster and cleaner with less effort.

We introduce all of the important techniques in our Beginner Course. But if you’re looking for something specific or a deeper dive, then this is the right place to find that. In our Technique Collection you can search buy technique, or you can look for falsetas in any Palo that feature the technique you want to work on.

  • Technique Exercises

    29 items

    A collection of assorted technique exercises and warmups that you can choose from to work on many aspects of flamenco technique. Choose your exercises with care - make sure you know specifically what you want to get out of each exercise you choose rather than just learning as many as possible.

  • Technique Playlist

    29 items

    Here's where you'll find all of our technique videos, including intros to the various techniques and our Technique Bootcamp from 2019.

  • Summer Technique Bootcamp

    2 seasons

    Download the .pdf Materials for this here: https://flamencoexplained.com/tabs-and-notation/
    The Flamenco Explained Summer Technique Bootcamp is all about learning the principles of good practice (and applying them, of course!) so you can move your playing to the next level. We explore the princip...

  • Thumb Falsetas

    60 items

    A playlist of falsetas from various Palos that will all work your Thumb technique.

  • Picado Falsetas

    41 items

    If you're looking for falsetas to work on your Picado then this is the right place - tons of falsetas with varying degrees of difficulty that will work your Picado.

  • Arpeggio Falsetas

    54 items

    Want to work on your Arpeggios? Choose from the faletas in this playlist that all feature Arpeggio technique.

  • Alzapua Falsetas

    21 items

    Looking to work on your Alzapua? This playlist features falsetas in various Palos that will help you do just that!

  • Improve My Rasgueado

    8 items

    Rasgueado is what we call the unique strumming technique used in flamenco, and it’s the single most distinctive and important technique in flamenco guitar. It practically defines the style.

    If you want to learn Rasgueado in the context of a comprehensive course, then we recommend our Beginner C...