Summer Technique Bootcamp

Summer Technique Bootcamp

2 Seasons

Download the .pdf Materials for this here:
The Flamenco Explained Summer Technique Bootcamp is all about learning the principles of good practice (and applying them, of course!) so you can move your playing to the next level. We explore the principles of relaxation & stability and provide you with materials you can use to get to work right away.

Summer Technique Bootcamp
  • Technique Bootcamp - START HERE

    Episode 1

    Start with this video first! Explore the principles of relaxation & stability to move your playing to the next level.

  • Technique Bootcamp - Villa Lobos Material

    Episode 2

    These are the chords to the first 2/3 or so of Etude #1 by Heitor Villa Lobos. It's just a ton of six string voicings, so it's a great bunch of chords to learn for working on all kinds of right hand stuff. Flamenco players have been using these for ages, so I encourage you to also learn them as w...

  • Technique Bootcamp - Chromatic Scale Six Ways Material

    Episode 3

    The chromatic scale is basically all of the notes. There are many ways to play the chromatic scale, and here we will learn six ways to play it - once traveling up each string. It's a great excuse to play a lot of notes, which is what we'll want when we work on scales! You don't need to learn all ...

  • Technique Bootcamp - Chord Progressions Material

    Episode 4

    Here are a few chord progressions that we can use for all sorts of stuff, including rasgueado practice. These chord progressions are all Por Arriba (in the Soleá key) and are just a few examples that we'll be using.

  • Technique Bootcamp - Entri Scales (Advanced) Material

    Episode 5

    Here are some great scales to work both hands. The person who showed them to me ages ago said they were a series of scales used by the great Caño Roto guitarist and teacher El Entri, but I can't confirm this for sure. Anyway - I've been using them for years as a scale routine, but they're a bit a...

  • Technique Bootcamp - Major 7 Arpeggio Material

    Episode 6

    This is a basic Major 7th arpeggio that I use for warm up and scale practice, because of the way it moves across the strings. No pdf for this because I think it's important to learn the moveable pattern.

  • Technique Bootcamp - Right Hand Pattern #1 - Arpeggio and Thumb Material

    Episode 7

    If you learn only one exercise this Summer I recommend this one! It's a fantastic warm-up and also a great exercise to work on the balance between thumb and fingers which we need so much of the time.