Improve My Rasgueado

Rasgueado is what we call the unique strumming technique used in flamenco, and it’s the single most distinctive and important technique in flamenco guitar. It practically defines the style.

If you want to learn Rasgueado in the context of a comprehensive course, then we recommend our Beginner Course, which will not only introduce to Rasgueado, but will teach you everything you need to know to play authentic flamenco, and truly understand what you’re playing and how it all works.

If you want to improve your Rasgueado or you’re just looking to get some tips not he technique without committing to a full course, then we have tons of tutorial videos to get you started or to help you refine your chops. Not only will we teach you how to play precise powerful Rasgueado, but we’ll show you how to do that with a minimum of effort.

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  • Introduction to Rasgueado - Tutorial

    In this lesson we look at Rasgueado technique in the context of Soleá and Tangos. We break down how to use your right hand to get power and precision while staying relaxed. This is an essential lesson for beginners or anyone who wants to improve this technique that is so central to flamenco guitar.

  • Rasgueado Practice - Pro Tip

    Get a better sound from your rasgueados? Learn how to practice for a fuller sound with this Pro Tip.

  • Triplet Rasgueado (abanico) - Tutorial

    The triplet rasgueado (abanico) isn't that hard to do, but you have to take it slowly! This lesson breaks it down so that if you have a bit of patience you'll be able to play fast, loud triplets consistently and with control.

  • Rasgueado Triplet Examples (Abanico) - Tutorial

    This lesson shows you how to use your triplet rasgueados for llamadas in Tangos. This is a great way to both practice your rasgueados and solidify your Tangos compás.

  • Technique Bootcamp - Rasgueados Technique

  • How to Practice Rasgueado

    In this video we look at ways to improve your rasgueado so it’s more even-soudning and more relaxed. We look at ways to practice this and we show you couple of rasgueado patterns you can use to practice rasgueado Por Tangos and Por Soleá. We assume a basic command of rasgueados here, so if you’re...

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Distance From 10 Triplet Rasgueados - TUTORIAL

    This exercise is one of the most important for learning to really feel where you are in compás. We’ll have a few variations of this exercise coming up, so make sure you get this version down before moving on.

  • Counting and Subdividing - Tutorial

    Warning - Even we think this video is boring to watch. But it’s about this one trick that will make you better at counting subdivisions, which will make you have better time, which will make you a better musician. Which is the whole point, right? So feel free to skip this one. Unless you want to ...