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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Technique Exercises - Chromatic Scale Combined Forms - TUTORIAL

Technique Exercises • 10m

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    Not actually a Chromatic Scale, but it sort of looks like one. This exercise is great for improving your finger independence while barred. And by taking the concept and changing the left-hand fingerings, you can make lots more exercises out of this one.

  • Technique Exercises - Picado Arpeggio...

    This is another simple but powerful exercise to improve your string crossing. It’s a basic right-hand pattern - arpeggiating any 6-note chord voicing - where you play picado across all six strings to work on adjusting your hand (as opposed to your fingers) when playing across multiple strings.

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    A look at five moveable Major Scale patterns that together give you a good command of the Major Scale just about anywhere on the fretboard. The patterns are good for sale practice, but also one of the foundations of good fretboard knowledge.