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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Technique Exercises - Major Scales in Position - TUTORIAL

Technique Exercises • 12m

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    A movable form of the Major7 Arpeggio with its root on the sixth string, this little pattern is great one for warmup and for working on string crossing across all six strings. It’s also another little bit of fretboard knowledge if that’s new to you.

  • Technique Exercises - Minor Scale Bar...

    A minor scale passage I like to use either as a warmup or as a speed building exercise. We look at the scale in open position, and then in a moveable form that can be played with or without a bar.

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    I used to hear guitarists in the Caño Roto barrio of Madrid work on this one all the time. It’s basically a synchronization exercise for Picado that can either be played very comfortably or extremely uncomfortably.