All of our Soleá Por Bulerías content in one place, including courses, falsetas, accompaniment and more.

  • Solea Por Buleria Explained

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    The .PDF Course material for this can be found here: This is an advanced course that covers what you need to know to play Soleá por Buleria, from basic compás to some pretty sophisticated falsetas. And of course we show you how to put it all togeth...

  • Solea Por Bulerias Falseta Playlist

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    All of our Solea Por Bulerias falsetas in on place. For most falsetas we have three videos - a Performance, a Tutorial, and a loop of the falseta played slowly for you to play along with as you practice. Also check out our comprehensive Solea Por Bulerias Explained course.


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    From just getting started to improvising your own variations, we have everything you need to get in compás, stay in compás, and make you compás playing as interesting as your falsetas!
    If you're new to Soleá Por Bulerias we highly recommend you take our Soleá Por Bulerias Course, but you can also...

  • Cante Play-Along - Solea Por Buleria -Cante Accompaniment TUTORIAL - Part 1

    No capo required. In this video we look at how to accompany a standard Soleá Por Buleria letra. Soleá Por Buleria is traditionally accompanied either Por Medio or Por Arriba, and in this video we show you what chords to use when playing Por Medio, as well as some right-hand patterns and embellish...

  • Cante Play-Along - Solea Por Buleria -Cante Accompaniment TUTORIAL - Part 2

    Capo required. In this video we look at a standard Soleá Por Buleria letra using the Por Arriba chords. It’s quite common to play Soleá Por Bulerias Por Arriba, and if you’ve accompanied Soleá (or watched our Cante Explained course) you’ll already be familiar with most of what you need to know. I...

  • Cante Play-Along - Solea Por Buleria -Play-Along Cante and Percussion -No Guitar

    A loop of El Turry singing Soleá Por Buleria with percussion but without guitar, this video was designed for you to be the accompanist. The first time through we show you the chords you’d use to play with the traditional Por Medio chords. After that the letra loops and we no longer show you the c...