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  • Seguirillas Explained

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    Course materials for the course can be found and downloaded here:
    Seguirillas Explained is our in-depth look at what you need to know to play Seguirillas. It’s an intermediate-advanced course, so while much of the material presented is a bit challe...

  • Seguirilla Explained - Escobilla Edition

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    The Escobilla Edition is a very close look at one of the important aspects of accompanying the footwork section - the Escobilla - of a danced Seguirillas. In addition to being very useful for those who want to accompany dance, learning how to play the Escobilla is a great way to improve your comp...

  • Survival Guide - Seguirilla

    Here are the most important and tricky bits to look out for as you jump in to Seguirillas, along with the one falseta you have to know to play. If you're not clear on how the compás works for Seguirilla be sure to check out the Seguirilla Palmas video.

  • Seguirilla Falseta Playlist

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    Seguirilla Falseta Playlist including: tutorials, performances and loops.


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    If you're new to Seguirillas we recommend you take our Seguirillas Explained course, but you can also find all of our Seguirillas compás tutorials in this playlist.