If you're new to Seguirillas we recommend you take our Seguirillas Explained course, but you can also find all of our Seguirillas compás tutorials in this playlist.

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  • Seguirillas Explained - Compás 1 - Counting and Llamada - TUTORIAL

    In this video we look at the Llamada por Seguirillas as a way to really understand how to count and feel the compás. Seguirillas is built on the same 12-beat foundation as Soleá, but we feel and count it in a very different way, so this is a great place to start. We also look at one of the most c...

  • Seguirillas Explained - Compás 2 - TUTORIAL

    In this video we get into the basic compás of Seguirillas and how to flow from the llamada into the compás and back again. By the end of this video you should have a solid understanding of how Seguirilla feels and how it works.

  • Seguirillas Explained - Compás 3 - Variations - TUTORIAL

    If you’re feeling good about your Seguirilla compassions it’s time to start learning some compás variations and some new chord voicings so your compás will sound a little more interesting and you’ll have more options.

  • Seguirillas Explained - Compás 4 - More Variations - TUTORIAL

    We look at some more involved compás variations.

  • Seguirillas Explained - Palmas - TUTORIAL

    The hardest part of doing palmas for Seguirillas is really understanding the Seguirillas compás, so here we look at both.

  • Seguirillas Explained - Putting it Together

    We look at what you need to know to really play Seguirillas now that you have all of this material! We look at how to start and finish the piece, and how to get comfortable flowing from compás to falseta and back, along with some of the trademark Seguirilla quirks.

  • Survival Guide - Seguirilla

    Here are the most important and tricky bits to look out for as you jump in to Seguirillas, along with the one falseta you have to know to play. If you're not clear on how the compás works for Seguirilla be sure to check out the Seguirilla Palmas video.

  • Llamada for Seguirilla - Glossary Term

    Introduction to the Llamada in Seguirilla.