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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Thumb & Slur Falseta by Kai Narezo - SLOW/LOOPED

Played SLOW & LOOPED • 6m 48s

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    A picado falseta that is phrased in 8th notes, which each phrase starting on beat 12 and ending on beat 6.

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 1 - Alzapu...

    This Alzapua falseta is relatively simple but has one new feature, which is that rather than start on beat 12 it starts on beat 11. Thinking of beat 11 as a pickup to a downbeat on beat 12 can help make this feel more natural.

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 1 - Picado...

    The first Bulerías falseta I ever wrote 🙂 Each phrase is made up of 8th notes that start on 12 and end on 6, so by now it should just be a matter of learning the notes.