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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Friday Falseta - Bulerias - Intro Falseta in B - by Kai Narezo - SLOW/LOOP

Played SLOW & LOOPED • 15m

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  • Friday Falseta - Bulerias - Falseta i...

    An advanced Bulerias falseta in the key of B Phrygian, this falseta features a few phrases that start on the upbeat to beat 9 - basically an extended pickup to beat 12. So watch out for your time as you learn this falseta in the Granaína key.

  • Friday Falseta - Alegrias Falseta in ...

    An advanced Alegrias falseta by Kai in the key of A Major rather than the more common E Major, this falseta features a recurring syncopated figure, a few quick picado runs, and a couple of left-hand challenges.

  • Friday Falseta - Tangos Picado Falset...

    This Tangos falseta by Enrique Melchor features some quick Picado bursts and a bit of syncopation, making it a great Picado exercise as well as a fun falseta.