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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained


Soleá Explained Escobilla Edition - How To Play A Fast Escobilla- TUTORIAL

4m 27s

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    We look at some of the essential right-hand patterns for accompanying Soleá, especially when playin double-time or faster sections of the Escobilla.

  • Soleá Explained Escobilla Edition-How...

    What to listen for as things speed up in the Subida so that you're always in control of the tempo and the pulse - both of which are necessary to accompany the Subida.

  • Soleá Explained Escobilla Edition - S...

    Kai's performance of a Subida from a Soleá Escobilla. The idea isn't to learn what Kai plays here, but to see how you can use the basic Soleá material and the right-hand patterns we've looked at to keep up as things speed up.