Flamenco Guitar Accompaniment

There’s a lot more to flamenco than just the guitar. If you’ve experience flamenco Baile (dance) or Cante (singing) then you know what we’re talking about. In fact, it’s generally agreed that in order to be a fully formed flamenco guitarist you’ll want to have some experience accompanying dancers and singers.

Here you'll find courses and tutorials on getting started accompanying singers, Pro Tips on what to listen for and how to learn, as well as our Cante Play-Along series.

Our Cante Explained course features tutorials on accompanying Soleá, Tangos, Bulerias and Sevillanas with the great singer Juan Murube from Sevilla. We break down in detail some of the crucial moments to listen for in Solea and show you what to play.

Our Alegrias Explained course takes in you in great detail into the accompaniment of a danced Alegrias - one of the most complex styles to accompany in dance due to some vey specific sections that we cover in detail with singer Jose Fernandez and the great dancer Manuel Gutierrez.

Our Cante Play-Along provides a tool that will be incredibly useful to anyone learning to accompany flamenco Cante. We recorded the outstanding Granada-based singer Antonio El Turry singing with percussion and no guitar. We provide tutorials on what to play to accompany him, and then you practice on your own to her what you’ll sound like accompanying a world-class flamenco singer. We cover Tientos, Tangos, Solea Por Buleria, Alegrias, Guajiras, Fandangos de Huelva and of course Bulerias.

  • Cante Explained

    1 season

    In Cante Explained we look at how to begin really understanding the accompaniment of flamenco Cante. With the help of singer Juan Murube we go into great detail on accompaniment of Soleá, and then take the skills we learn there and transfer to Bulerias and Tangos. And for good measure we look at ...


    7 seasons

    Our Cante Play Along Series was designed to provide the missing link in most flamenco guitarists’ education - the chance to play for a flamenco singer. We've produced videos of a fantastic young flamenco singer - Antonio El Turry - with percussion but without guitar, so you can experience what it...

  • Alegrias Explained

    1 season

    In Alergias Explained we explore every aspect of a danced Alegrias with the help of Bailaor (dancer) Manuel Gutierrez and Cantaor (singer) Jose Cortes. No Palo has more different sections than the Alegrias, and we look at all of them, including the Salida, the Letras, the Escobilla, the Silencio,...

  • Cante and Cejilla placement - Free video

    Use the capo to play in same key but get different colors from the guitar. With very special guest, Jesus Montoya! @1:29 Rocket El Tormenta Gitano also walks into the shot, but he wasn't invited.

  • Accompanying Cante in Alegrias

    Kai Narezo and Jesus Montoya play through all of the important elements of a sung Alegrías. They cover the Tiri-ti-tran, the letra, coletilla, Bulería de Cádiz and an Estribillo while showing you the guitar chords and where in the compás the letras begin. We should note that this is not the struc...

  • Survival Guide - Fandangos de Huelva

    Fandangos de Huelva is one that’s often taught in beginner dance classes, so if you’re starting to accompany dance you’ll want to learn this one. There are a few things you’ll want to know before you get started - a couple of things that make the Fandangos the Huelva a little confusing at first. ...

  • Silencio (Alegrias) - Performance

    This is a great traditional Silencio - the slow lyrical section of the danced Alegrias. If you don't have a Silencio yet this is a great one to have, and it's a nice picado study, too.

  • Silencio (Alegrias) - Tutorial

    This is a great traditional Silencio - the slow lyrical section of the danced Alegrias. If you don't have a Silencio yet this is a great one to have, and it's a nice picado study, too.

  • Survival Guide - Solea for accompanying dance

    Survival Guide - All the sections of soleá for accompanying dance including: the letras, escobilla, falseta, compás, subida and "the flip" to Bulerias. TAB for this falseta for dance can be found in the TABS playlist.

  • Survival Guide - Alegrias

    Survival Guide - Alegrías

  • Survival Guide - Guajira

    Here's a quick rundown on what to look out for as you jump in to Guajiras - the important bits to get used to playing and to learn so you can get started and also recognize the myriad variations on these themes you'll hear as you listen to Guajiras.