Cante Explained

Cante Explained

10 Episodes

In Cante Explained we look at how to begin really understanding the accompaniment of flamenco Cante. With the help of singer Juan Murube we go into great detail on accompaniment of Soleá, and then take the skills we learn there and transfer to Bulerias and Tangos. And for good measure we look at accompanying the most popular sung Sevillanas you’re likely to run into.

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Cante Explained
  • Cante Explained - Solea - The Salida

    Episode 1

    The Salida isn't technically a letra, but it's the first thing you'll have to play if you're accompanying a Soleá. In this video Kai and Juan discuss the Salida, show you some examples, and break it all down.

  • Cante Explained - Solea - The Letra

    Episode 2

    In this video we get to the heart of accompanying por Soleá by looking at the letras. We break down the entire letra and also show you what to listen for so you can know what letra is coming and how to accompany it.

  • Cante Explained - Soleá - The Macho

    Episode 3

    Most Palos have a Macho - a different kind of letra that happens at the end that either speeds up (often morphing into another Palo) or changes key. The Macho por Soleá that we look at here does both, and it's a pretty common one. So while we've been singing a Soleá, this Macho speeds up into a S...

  • Cante Explained - Soleá - Complete Performance

    Episode 4

    Kai and Juan perform a Soleá that includes a Salida, two letras (each in a different style) and a Macho that speeds up a bit and goes to the parallel Major key.

  • Cante Explained - Tangos

    Episode 5

    In this video Kai and singer Juan Murube look at one of the most common Tangos letras you’re likely to run into. If you’re going to learn just one Letra, this is the one you want. There are many variations that use the same melody and structure but with different lyrics, so if you learn this one ...

  • Cante Explained - Bulerias

    Episode 6

    Accompanying Cante por Bulerias can be challenging at first, as you have to keep in compás while listening to the singer and making sure you’re playing the right chords at the right time. In this video Kai and singer Juan Murube show you what to expect and what to listen for as you get started le...

  • Sevillanas Structure With Cante - Tutorial

    Episode 7

    If you're only going to learn to accompany one Sevillanas, A La Puerta de Toledo is a good place to start. It's by far the most commonly sung Sevillanas, and the chord changes are relatively simple. Once you've understood how this one works, any other Sevillanas you want to learn will be a matter...

  • Accompanying Cante in Alegrias

    Episode 8

    Kai Narezo and Jesus Montoya play through all of the important elements of a sung Alegrías. They cover the Tiri-ti-tran, the letra, coletilla, Bulería de Cádiz and an Estribillo while showing you the guitar chords and where in the compás the letras begin. We should note that this is not the struc...

  • Cante and Cejilla placement - Free video

    Episode 9

    Use the capo to play in same key but get different colors from the guitar. With very special guest, Jesus Montoya! @1:29 Rocket El Tormenta Gitano also walks into the shot, but he wasn't invited.

  • Tientos Explained - Cante Accompaniment with Alba Guerrero

    Episode 10

    The vast majority of letras por Tientos follow the structure of the letra we look at here, so it’s a great place to get started. In fact, because the letras por Tientos tend to follow this somewhat predictable structure, it’s an excellent place to get your feet wet with accompaniment in the first...