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Alegrias 7 8 9 Phrases Tutorial

ALEGRIAS Playlist • 7m 7s

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  • Alegrias - Escobilla - Tutorial

    The phrasing of the Escobilla (footwork section) is different from 'normal' compás, so it can be confusing at first. This video addresses understanding this phrasing and how to use it in your compás.

  • Alegrias - Starting on 12 or 1s - Tut...

    You can start Alegrias compás on either 12 or 1, and learning how to go back and forth easily is an important part of playing compas. This tutorial shows you how to get comfortable switching between the two, and the how to vary your compás.

  • Silencio (Alegrias) - Performance

    This is a great traditional Silencio - the slow lyrical section of the danced Alegrias. If you don't have a Silencio yet this is a great one to have, and it's a nice picado study, too.