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Survival Guide - Alegrias

ALEGRIAS Playlist • 32m

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  • Alegrias - Recycling - Transpose Mode...

    If you've been playing for a little while you may already have lots of material that you can 'recycle' by transposing to other keys. This tutorial shows you how to think about this so you can use your material in different keys and even different modes (i.e. Por Medio to Por Arriba or even from P...

  • Alegrias 7 8 9 Phrases Tutorial

    A few 7-8-9-10 phrases for Alegras and how to incorporate them into your compás. Learn to vary your Alegrias compás!

  • Alegrias - Escobilla - Tutorial

    The phrasing of the Escobilla (footwork section) is different from 'normal' compás, so it can be confusing at first. This video addresses understanding this phrasing and how to use it in your compás.

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