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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Bulerias Explained - Level 3 - Remate by Vicente Amigo - SLOW & LOOPED

5m 37s

Up Next in Bulerías Explained LEVEL 3

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 3 - Starti...

    We discuss few more options for starting your Bulerías, like starting with a falseta, and also some more ways to use our traditional ending that involve some chord substitutions and some syncopation.

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 3 - Puttin...

    Using all of the material you’ve learned so far to put together a solo guitar Bulerías. It’s not really that different from anything we’ve done in other courses as long as you stay on top of the connections between all things.

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 3 - BONUS ...

    We look at the chords you need to know to get around playing Bulerías in one of the most common alternate keys - the key of A minor. It’s a “normal” tonal A minor, so there’s a good chance your ears will feel very comfortable in this key.