If you're new to Tientos we recommend our Tientos Explained course, but you can find just the compás tutorials from that course here.

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  • Tientos Explained - Introduction

    Some context about Tientos - how it works, the different ways it can feel, and where it falls in the Tientos-Tangos-Rumba continuum.

  • Tientos Explained - Compás - Tutorial

    This video is really the heart of this course. We look at lots of ways to play compás por Tientos, along with llamadas and a bunch different ways to make your compás more interesting.

  • Tientos Explained - Embellishment - Performance

    Three ideas for compás embellishment in an advanced form.

  • Tientos Explained - Embellishment - Tutorial

    We look at some common Tientos ideas in their simpler form, and then the ways those ideas can be developed into some pretty advanced material. We also see how we can borrow ideas from Tangos and use them in our Tientos.

  • Tientos Explained - Cierre - Tutorial

    You don’t have to add a Cierre (closing phrase) after every falseta, but you’ll want to know how to do it. We look at some common ways to close your phrases and to work them in as seamlessly as possible.

  • Tientos Explained - Putting It Together - Tutorial

    Rather than give you a full solo in this course, we give you the tools to take all of the material you’ve learned and create your own solo. We look at ways to start, how to flow from one falseta to the next. Then we look at ways to end your solos por Tientos or bump up to Tangos, which is the Mac...

  • Overview of Flamenco Palos (styles) - Tutorial

    A really quick introduction to the basic flamenco forms, including Soleá, Soleá por Buleria, Buleria, Tientos, Tangos, Rumba, Alegrias, Seguirilla, Guajiras, Farruca, Colombiana, Taranto, Taranta and Fandango de Huelva. Not all of the Palos, but a good intro to some of the more common ones.