All of our Tientos content in one place, including courses, falsetas, accompaniment and more.

  • Tientos Explained

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    Tientos Explained is an intermediate/advanced course covering everything you need to play Tientos. The course includes videos on basic compás, advanced compás variations, Llamadas and Cierres, various falsetas, and a Putting It Together video. To wrap it up we have a Tientos Cante video for learn...

  • Tientos Falseta Playlist

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    Tientos falsetas including tutorials and performances. Check out our Tientos Explained course for a more thorough understanding of this Palo.

  • Cante Play-Along - Tientos - Cante Accompaniment TUTORIAL Part 1 - Por Medio

    No capo required. This is a great first video if you’re just beginning to explore accompanying Cante. Tientos is traditionally accompanied with the Por Medio chords, and in this video we look at the basics of how to do that. We show you the basic chords to accompany a Tientos and how the structur...

  • Cante Play-Along - Tientos - Play-Along Cante and Percussion - No Guitar

    A loop of El Turry singing Tientos with percussion but without guitar so you can be accompanist. This video was designed for you to be the accompanist. Turry sings a traditional Tientos letra with percussion but with no guitar accompaniment. The first time through we show you the chords you’d use...

  • Cante Play-Along-Tientos-Advanced Bonus Material-Cante Without Guitar/Percussion

    A loop of El Turry singing Tientos with no percussion and no guitar. It’s very traditional for Tientos to be sung with no pulse - i.e. no palmas or percussion and an ‘elastic’ sense of time. It’s still in 4/4 time, but the pulse is no longer as regular. In order to accompany a letra like this you...

  • Cante Play-Along- Tientos-Cante Accompaniment TUTORIAL Part 2-Por Arriba/Taranta

    Capo required. In this video we look at the advanced concept of accompanying Tientos with chords other than the Por Medio ones traditionally used. We show you the chords you’ll need to accompany Tientos both Por Arriba and Por Taranta (E Phrygian and F# Phrygian respectively). If this is a new co...