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Technique Bootcamp - Villa Lobos Material

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Technique Bootcamp - Entri Scales (Advanced) Material

Technique • 4m 40s

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  • Technique Bootcamp - Villa Lobos Mate...

    These are the chords to the first 2/3 or so of Etude #1 by Heitor Villa Lobos. It's just a ton of six string voicings, so it's a great bunch of chords to learn for working on all kinds of right hand stuff. Flamenco players have been using these for ages, so I encourage you to also learn them as w...

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    Start with this video first! Explore the principles of relaxation & stability to move your playing to the next level.

  • Technique Bootcamp - Major 7 Arpeggio...

    This is a basic Major 7th arpeggio that I use for warm up and scale practice, because of the way it moves across the strings. No pdf for this because I think it's important to learn the moveable pattern.