Technique Workouts

Technique Workouts

The technique workouts are real-world falsetas that work a given technique. Think of them as mini etudes that you can really use to improve your technique and impress everyone!

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Technique Workouts
  • Arpeggio Falseta Workout (Bulerias) - Tutorial

    Here's a bulerias falseta I wrote that's almost all arpeggio. It's got that 2 over 3 thing where we play three note phrases but in 8th notes (two notes per beat), and it also has a few faster triplet arpeggios thrown in. It's a nice all-purpose falseta that will also give your arpeggios a workout.

  • Alzapua Falseta Workout (Buleria) - Tutorial

    You've heard Paco and Tomatito play this falseta, as well as tons of other players. It's a killer Alzapua falseta that starts on one. You couldn't ask for a much better Alzapua workout for your right hand.

  • Picado Falseta Workout (Bulerias) - Tutorial

    Here's a great Moraito falseta por bulerias that also happens to be a great picado workout. It's not that hard to play, but it's definitely not beginner material. It features a bunch of little picado bursts, many of which start on one string and continue on another. Perfect for cleaning up your t...