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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Technique Exercises - Tangos Arpeggios Full Plant & Sequential Plant - TUTORIAL

Technique Exercises • 5m 7s

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    The traditional Alegrias Escobilla falseta is basically a ton of Arpeggios, so use that as an exercise while you developing solid planting, both full and sequential. And you can use exactly the same melody to work on your 16th PAMI Arpeggios or your sextuplets.

  • Technique Exercises - PAMI Arpeggios...

    We look at a basic exercise for working on your PAMI Arpeggios - probably the most important Arpeggio in flamenco - and at both Full and Sequential Planting.

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    José Antonio told me that when he was at the conservatory he and his friends would use this pattern as a warmup and to develop speed moving across string-sets. I agree that it’s a great warmup, and also great for working on more complex right-hand patterns.