Survival Guide - Playlist

Survival Guide - Playlist

When you start playing with other flamencos it seems like there’s always more to learn and literally no way to know what exactly you need to know right now. That’s what the survival guide is for. Here we’ll show you just enough to get you started with any Palo so you look like you’ve known this all your life (but, you know, maybe you haven’t played this particular thing in a while…). It’s organized by Palo and it’s a very practical bunch of videos in that we avoid any information you don’t strictly need to know and get straight to the important stuff.

We’ll show you what you need to know to get through a dance class where they’re teaching Guajiras, or what the most important things to know are about Seguirillias if you need to play that for tablao gig. After watching these videos you’ll probably still have a ton of questions, and you may not be an expert yet, but we’ll get you through the gig , whatever it may be.

P.S. I got a lot of dirty looks when I first started playing for dance classes 30 years ago because I knew next to nothing. Humiliation was sort of a daily thing because of how little I knew. If this section can help you avoid some of those dirty looks then my work here is done.

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Survival Guide - Playlist
  • Survival Guide - Fandangos de Huelva

    Fandangos de Huelva is one that’s often taught in beginner dance classes, so if you’re starting to accompany dance you’ll want to learn this one. There are a few things you’ll want to know before you get started - a couple of things that make the Fandangos the Huelva a little confusing at first. ...

  • Survival Guide - Alegrias

    Survival Guide - Alegrías

  • Survival Guide - Solea for accompanying dance

    Survival Guide - All the sections of soleá for accompanying dance including: the letras, escobilla, falseta, compás, subida and "the flip" to Bulerias. TAB for this falseta for dance can be found in the TABS playlist.

  • Survival Guide - Guajira

    Here's a quick rundown on what to look out for as you jump in to Guajiras - the important bits to get used to playing and to learn so you can get started and also recognize the myriad variations on these themes you'll hear as you listen to Guajiras.

  • Survival Guide - Seguirilla

    Here are the most important and tricky bits to look out for as you jump in to Seguirillas, along with the one falseta you have to know to play. If you're not clear on how the compás works for Seguirilla be sure to check out the Seguirilla Palmas video.

  • Cante and Cejilla placement - Free video

    Use the capo to play in same key but get different colors from the guitar. With very special guest, Jesus Montoya! @1:29 Rocket El Tormenta Gitano also walks into the shot, but he wasn't invited.

  • Colombianas Intro & Basic Compás - TUTORIAL

    Introduction to the Colombianas Palo and tutorial on playing variations of the basic compás.