Summer Technique Bootcamp

Summer Technique Bootcamp

2 Seasons

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The Flamenco Explained Summer Technique Bootcamp is all about learning the principles of good practice (and applying them, of course!) so you can move your playing to the next level. We explore the principles of relaxation & stability and provide you with materials you can use to get to work right away.

Summer Technique Bootcamp
  • Technique Bootcamp - Left-Hand Fundamentals

    Episode 1

    In this flamenco guitar tutorial video we review some really important fundamentals of the left hand. It gets to the very heart of how we move our arm to most efficiently deliver our hand and fingers to where they need to go. Mastery of these fundamentals is what will allow you to play the fun, f...

  • Technique Bootcamp - Right Hand Fundamentals

    Episode 2

    Here are some of the fundamentals of right hand technique that feel really important to me. Now comes the fun part, where we start putting together good solid right-hand technique and good solid left-hand and hopefully start to feel that relaxed stability which should lead to a better sound and m...

  • Technique Bootcamp - Thumb Technique

    Episode 3

    The thumb is one of the things that makes flamenco sound so Flamenco! There are two different kinds of thumb movements - one that's heavier and comes from the arm, and one that's lighter/bouncier and comes from forearm rotation. Develop relaxed stability in your thumb as we continue looking at ri...

  • Technique Bootcamp - Slur Technique

    Episode 4

    In this unit we take a close look at slurs - otherwise known as hammer-ons and pull-offs. At the beginning of the video we look at the mechanics of playing proper slurs and at some simple exercises for executing good relaxed slurs....

  • Technique Bootcamp - Arpeggio Technique

    Episode 5

    The ‘stability’ part of relaxed stability is key here, so take your time and establish a good hand position that’s really relaxed and make sure you’re using the big knuckle to power your strokes. Arpeggio is often referred to as the foundation of good right-hand technique, so this is an important...

  • Technique Bootcamp - Alzapua Technique

    Episode 6

    Here we go over the basic mechanics of alzapua and then get into a simple Soleá falseta and then some fun little compas bits in Soleá, Soleá Por Buleria, Alegrias and Buleria.

  • Technique Bootcamp - Picado/Scales Technique

    Episode 7

    In the Picado (rest-stroke scales) video we look at the mechanics of playing scales, string crossing and a few exercises, and finally a Soleá falseta in triplets, 16th notes and 16th notes with sextuplets thrown in.

  • Technique Bootcamp - Rasgueados Technique

    Episode 8

  • Technique Bootcamp - Applications Technique

    Episode 9