• SOLEA Playlist
    36 videos

    SOLEA Playlist

    36 videos

    A great place to start! In this playlist you'll find everything from a breakdown of the Soleá compás to full guitar solos to individual falsetas, along with explanations of how the various sections of Soleá work in the context of Cante or Baile.

  • TANGOS Playlist
    30 videos

    TANGOS Playlist

    30 videos

  • ALEGRIAS Playlist

    39 videos


  • Solea Por Bulerias Playlist

    10 videos

    Soleá Por Bulerías Playlist

  • BULERIAS Playlist

    41 videos

  • SEGUIRILLA Playlist

    15 videos

  • Fandangos de Huelva Playlist

    6 videos

    The collection of all the Fandangos de Huelva videos available.

  • SEVILLANAS Playlist

    9 videos

  • Guajira
    5 videos


    5 videos

    A playlist of the Guajira videos

  • Cante Explained - Solea - The Salida

    The Salida isn't technically a letra, but it's the first thing you'll have to play if you're accompanying a Soleá. In this video Kai and Juan discuss the Salida, show you some examples, and break it all down.

  • Cante Explained - Solea - The Letra

    In this video we get to the heart of accompanying por Soleá by looking at the letras. We break down the entire letra and also show you what to listen for so you can know what letra is coming and how to accompany it.