Learn Flamenco Guitar - The Ultimate Guide

Learn Flamenco Guitar - The Ultimate Guide

28 Episodes

This is where it all begins. Whether you’re new to the guitar or just new to flamenco, this course was designed to teach you what you need to know to not only play flamenco, but to truly understand how flamenco works so that you can play now, but also continue learning. This course will give you the fundamentals of flamenco that many spend a lifetime trying to grasp.

If you already play guitar or even if you already play some flamenco, we strongly encourage you take this course before continuing to the rest of the site. The concepts in this course will unlock many of the ‘mysteries’ of flamenco - that stuff that makes people think that flamenco is just too different or too hard to learn. It will also help you understand what I’m talking about in the rest of th videos on the site.

The first two Lessons are aimed at newcomers to the guitar and cover some basic principles like holding a guitar and tuning it, playing your fist notes and chords, and all of that good stuff.

By the first video in Lesson 3 we’re into material that anyone new to flamenco - or anyone feeling like it just hasn’t clicked yet - should find extremely useful.

We designed this course to be a distillation of the most important concepts in flamenco, broken down into a system I’ve been developing for over 25 years. This is the system that made so many of my students say things like “man, you need to write this down.”

If you’re serious about learning flamenco, take the course slowly. Give yourself time to internalize the ideas in each lesson. If you’re an experienced player and the material and techniques feel easy, make sure you have the concepts down before moving on. If you’re a beginner and it all feels like a lot, just take a breath and watch the video you’re working on again. Many of the techniques will take time to feel comfortable and easy, so go slow and give yourself the time.

We never said this would be easy, but we also know that anyone can learn flamenco guitar if they have the proper guide and a good attitude. We’ve taught hundreds of people to play real, authentic flamenco. This course is your first and most important step towards doing that yourself.

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Learn Flamenco Guitar - The Ultimate Guide
  • Lesson 4 - Part 12 - Bar Chords

    Episode 1

    In this lesson we look at how to make bar chords without stressing out your left hand. If you’re new to bar chords or if you’ve ever had any tension or pain from playing bar chords you’ll want to check this out. Plus it’s an important preparation for the falseta in the next lesson.

  • Lesson 4 - Part 13 - Advanced Falseta

    Episode 2

    We look at a falseta that combines arpeggio and picado and ends in a long scale run that will make you apply all of the good habits you’ve picked up in previous lessons. This one might be a bit challenging at first, but with time you’ll nail it!

  • Lesson 4 - Part 14 - Ending A Soleá

    Episode 3

    You’ll need a good way to end your Soleá, so we take a look at a few options you have for doing that.

  • Lesson 5 - Part 1 - Important Note

    Episode 4

    Some advice for anyone who might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, or like progress isn’t happening as fast as you’d like.

  • Lesson 5 - Part 2 - Putting it Together

    Episode 5

    This lesson gets to the heart of how flamenco works, which should make much more sense now that you have all the material necessary to put together your first solo. As we discuss how to arrange your own solo, we’ll learn the essence of how the flamenco mind thinks. This will help you make sense o...