Get started with Guajira in this playlist which includes the Palo Introduction and Survival guide.

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  • Guajira Palo - TUTORIAL

    The basic compás of Guajiras is a variation on the feel of the normal 12-beat flamenco compás. Add that to Guajiras being in a Major key and you have a very distinctive sound. In this video we introduce the basic compás pattern and look at some of the more common embellishments that are used to a...

  • Survival Guide - Guajira

    Here's a quick rundown on what to look out for as you jump in to Guajiras - the important bits to get used to playing and to learn so you can get started and also recognize the myriad variations on these themes you'll hear as you listen to Guajiras.

  • Overview of Flamenco Palos (styles) - Tutorial

    A really quick introduction to the basic flamenco forms, including Soleá, Soleá por Buleria, Buleria, Tientos, Tangos, Rumba, Alegrias, Seguirilla, Guajiras, Farruca, Colombiana, Taranto, Taranta and Fandango de Huelva. Not all of the Palos, but a good intro to some of the more common ones.