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  • Buleria Foot Tapping

    Episode 1

    This is one of the ultimate Buleria Pro Tips - If you’ve ever wondered why flamenco players tap their feet in this way for Bulerias, or if you’ve just struggled to learn this, this video is for you! Kai explains why it’s so useful and shows you how to learn to keep yourself in compás simply by le...

  • What is a Golpe - Beginner Pro Tip

    Episode 2

    The golpe is one of those quintessentially flamenco techniques - we hit the guitar with our nail or finger for a satisfying percussive thwack! In this video we take a quick look at the different kinds of golpes - when to use which and how they work.

  • Which Guitar - Beginner Pro Tip

    Episode 3

    We get a lot of people asking what kind of guitar they should get to start playing flamenco. In this video we explain what makes a guitar a flamenco guitar, and what guitars are best for starting out your flamenco adventures!

  • My Wrist Hurts - Beginner Pro Tip

    Episode 4

    If you’re starting to play the guitar and finding that the wrist of your left hand hurts, then his video is for you. Kai looks at some simple approaches to using your fretting hand in a way that causes as little strain as possible. So you can practice without pain!

  • F Chord - Flamenco Guitar Pro Tip

    Episode 5

    Is that pesky flamenco F chord giving you a problem? Have trouble making chord changes? Learn how to deliberately grab that F chord with this handy Pro Tip which will have you getting that effing F chord a lot faster after practicing this.

  • Refine Alzapua Technique - Pro Tip

    Episode 6

    Refine your alzapua technique by paying attention to these few important things. In this alzapua flamenco guitar lesson, Kai covers alzapua bulerias and alzapua tangos and kinds of alzapua technique within those palos.

  • How to fix your cejilla (peg capo) - Pro Tip

    Episode 7

    Peg capos are beautiful and wonderful to use, but sometimes they break! Get your G string out and fix that cejilla you've been just starring at! Kai's easy to follow pro tip shows you how to fix your peg capo.

  • Rasgueado Practice - Pro Tip

    Episode 8

    Get a better sound from your rasgueados? Learn how to practice for a fuller sound with this Pro Tip.

  • Counting and Subdividing - Tutorial

    Episode 9

    Warning - Even we think this video is boring to watch. But it’s about this one trick that will make you better at counting subdivisions, which will make you have better time, which will make you a better musician. Which is the whole point, right? So feel free to skip this one. Unless you want to ...

  • Bulerias How-To Trill - Flamenco Guitar Tutorial - by Kai Narezo

    Episode 10

    In this Flamenco Guitar tutorial by Kai Narezo, learn how to stay in compás while playing the trill in bulerias.

  • Bar Chords - Flamenco Guitar Tutorial by Kai Narezo

    Episode 11

    In this flamenco guitar lesson Kai Narezo discusses how to make bar chords without stressing out your left hand. If you’re new to bar chords or if you’ve ever had any tension or pain from playing bar chords you’ll want to check this out.

  • Pro-Tip: Left-Hand Stretches for Flamenco Guitar by Kai Narezo

    Episode 12

    This Pro-Tip video takes a look at two of the most annoying left-hand stretches that come up in flamenco guitar. They’re used mainly when playing Por Medio (in the key of A Phrygian), though you’ll also find them in other keys. It’s all about knowing how to approach them, so that’s what we look a...

  • Groovy Clave Flamenco Golpe Tutorial by Kai Narezo

    Episode 13

    Here’s a funky contratiempo thing with a Clave-like golpe technique we do for flamenco guitar that can be used in a surprising amount of places. It takes a little getting used to, but once you have it down you can use it in Farruca, Tangos, Bulerias and anywheres else you find a way to fit it in.

  • Beginner’s Guide to Recording Flamenco and Classical Guitar

    Episode 14

    Do you want to learn how to record yourself playing guitar? Having recorded more than 1500 guitar videos, I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve learned over the years about how to record nylon string guitars. The first section deals with what to think about when recording in mono (one microp...

  • Flamenco Guitar Setup Featuring Luthier Stephen Hill

    Episode 15

    We hang out with luthier Stephen Hill as he tells us everything you’d want to know about setting up a flamenco guitar. In addition to the basics, like how high the action should be at the 12th fret (and how luthiers actually achieve this), Stephen covers things most of us didn’t know were also im...

  • How-To Talk Keys and Transpose For Flamenco Accompaniment - Part 2 - TUTORIAL

    Episode 16

    Key Names, Chord Shapes and Capos - How to Talk About Keys and Transpose For Flamenco Accompaniment - In Part 2 of this video we look at how we can use the capo in flamenco to stay in the same key (in absolute terms), while changing the sound of the guitar by playing with different chord shapes. ...

  • How-to Talk Keys and Transpose For Flamenco Accompaniment - Part 1- TUTORIAL

    Episode 17

    Key Names, Chord Shapes & Capos! In Part 1 of this video Kai demonstrates how to talk about keys and transpose for Flamenco Accompaniment - a simple but confusing concept. This includes what to name things once you start using a capo. We use capos all the time in flamenco, especially when accompa...

  • Pro-Tip for Beginners - Which Guitar?

    Episode 18

    We get a lot of people asking what kind of guitar they should get to start playing flamenco. In this video we explain what makes a guitar a flamenco guitar, and what guitars are best for starting out your flamenco adventures!

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 1 - Palmas Patterns - TUTORIAL

    Episode 19

    Before we pick up the guitar, we get the basic palmas patterns down to better understand the compás

  • Seguirillas Explained - Palmas - TUTORIAL

    Episode 20

    The hardest part of doing palmas for Seguirillas is really understanding the Seguirillas compás, so here we look at both.