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Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Thumb & Slur Falseta by Kai Narezo - PERF...

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Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Picado Falseta by Kai Narezo - PERFORMANCE


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  • Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Thumb ...

    This Bulerías falseta starts on 11 and then goes on to a phrase that’s one and a half compáses long. The repeat features an extended ending with a very syncopated rhythm, and the falseta ends on 10.

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Thumb ...

    This Bulerías falseta - which can also be thrown in as a “detalle” (literally a detail, this can be a short flourish or something less than a falseta that you throw in somewhere) - features a great thumb and index technique that’s unique to flamenco, as well as a different kind of 6-beat phrase.

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Syncop...

    Probably the most jubilant falseta in the whole Bulerías course, this one has some interesting staccato syncopation at the beginning, and continues to some syncopated versions of otherwise traditional phrasing.