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Friday Falseta - Seguirilla Alzapua & Stretch by Kai Narezo - PERFORMANCE

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Friday Falseta - Bulerias Thumb Falseta/Tag by Kai Narezo - PERFORMANCE


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  • Friday Falseta - Seguirilla Alzapua &...

    Here’s an uptempo Seguirillas falseta you might want to practice with a capo, given the left-hand stretches involved. In addition to the stretches it’s a good alzapua workout, so make sure you’re relaxed as you learn and practice this one. And try to hear the sextuplets in the alzapua before you ...

  • Friday Falseta - Bulerias Falseta Por...

    I say this one is good Por Fiesta because it’s all thumb so you can play it loud and, once learned, should be playable at quick speeds. Watch out for those pickup notes at the beginning, though, as it starts just after beat 10.

  • Friday Falseta - Tangos Alzapua Worko...

    This Tangos falseta features a very common alzapua burst and quite a bit of left-hand / right-hand coordination to make it sound its best. Also, watch out for the rhythm change from 16th to 8th notes.