Flamenco Guitar Bulerías

If you love flamenco you’re probably wondering when you get to start Bulerias! We created three different levels of our Bulerias Explained course, so you don’t have to pay your dues forever before starting. If you’ve completed our beginner Course there’s no reason you have to put off Bulerias any longer. Start at the beginning and give yourself time to assimilate the material as it comes, and you’ll be playing Bulerias - in compás! - before you know it.

Level 1 Starts at the beginning by introducing you to Bulerias compás in our signature style - by showing you what to listen for and how to play compás in a way that makes sense from the beginning. You won’t just hope you’re in compás - you’ll be in control!

We teach you how to start and end a Bulerias in ways that make sense and so that you’ll feel what you’re playing. We give you four fun Bulerias falsetas, and we show you how to get into and out of each one. We don’t teach you a Bulerias solo - we teach you how to create your own Fiesta.

Level 2 starts to get really groovy. We introduce a crucial right-hand pattern to keep you in compás and in control, and then we build on that pattern to make you play freely and with flow. We show you some great compás variations that sound great and give you yet another level of control over your time. We look at some classic variations that will sound very familiar if you’ve been listening to Bulerias.

We also look at five more falsetas - both rhythmically and technically more challenging than those in level 1, and we show you more ways to start and end your Bulerias. And we wrap up by once agin looking at ways to put everything together so you can bring your own personality to your Bulerias.

Level 3 gets into some very advanced concepts and grooves in Bulerias. We look at feel and syncopation, and we explain - in a way that actually makes sense - what that dreaded “half-compás” is all about and how to use and control it.

We look at some advanced falsetas too, including one in A Minor by Sabicas, one that features the symmetric diminished scale by Enrique Melchor, a Picado falseta by Moraito and one of the all-time classic Bulerias falsetas by Paco de Lucia that doubles as a thumb workout.

By the time you finish Level 3, you will be in full control of you Bulerias and equipped with some fantastic material.

  • Bulerías Explained LEVEL 1

    1 season

    We highly recommend finishing our Ultimate Guide course, or having a solid understanding of Soleá, before beginning this course. While much of the material will be accessible to beginners, many of the concepts will make much more sense if you have a firm grasp of the slower 12-beat compás.

    This ...

  • Bulerías Explained LEVEL 2

    1 season

    We highly recommend completing Level 1 before starting this level.

    Level 2 picks up where Level 1 left off, beginning with the all-important “Patata Pattern” and taking off from there. Start here only if you are quite sure that your basic compás is solid, as we quickly add variations that demand...

  • Bulerías Explained LEVEL 3

    1 season

    We highly recommend completing levels 1 & 2 before starting this level.

    In this level we get into some of the advanced concepts that will allow you to really feel comfortable no matter what happens in a Buleria. By the end of Level 3 you’ll have enough material to play some real, and groovy, Bul...


    39 items

    Bulerias compás is one of the most fun, but also one of the most challenging, things to play in flamenco. But we've got you covered with our Bulerias compás tutorials, and you can find them all here, covering everything from basic compás to syncopated craziness and the dreaded half-compás - all e...

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