• Cante Explained

    9 videos

    Cante Explained takes the fear out of learning to accompany Cante. Kai shows you what to listen for, what the singer wants, and generally how to be prepared for whatever the singer might throw at you. If you've been wondering how to learn the art of Flamenco accompaniment, Cante Explained is for ...

  • Campanilleros - Holiday Falseta Tutorial

    Here’s a beautiful falseta for Campanilleros - one of the flamenco Christmas songs that usually has lyrics relating to the Nativity. This particular falseta has a lovely simple melody that isn’t as easy to play as it sounds, so it’s a great study for smoothness in both hands and for coordinating ...

  • New to Flamenco - Playlist

    7 videos

    Guitarists traditionally start learning with the Soleá Palo (form) - a slow 12-beat compás that will help you learn the structure of compás. Along the way you'll learn the chords and techniques that you need to get you started on your flamenco journey.

  • Flamenco Video Glossary Pocket Guide - FREE

    23 videos

    The most important thing in flamenco is to understand, and be understood. Guitarists, singers and dancers often use different words to mean the same thing. We encourage you not to get hung up on the terms, but to help, we've provided this handy video glossary of terms you can quickly access. This...

  • Alegrias Explained

    8 videos

    A comprehensive course on accompanying flamenco the dance, Alegrías.

    By the end of these lessons, you will understand every aspect of a danced Alegrías. Thanks to the magnificent help from two amazing artists: dancer Manuel Gutierrez and singer José Cortés Fernández.

    Alegrías Explained will...

  • Picado Falseta Workout (Bulerias) - Tutorial

    Here's a great Moraito falseta por bulerias that also happens to be a great picado workout. It's not that hard to play, but it's definitely not beginner material. It features a bunch of little picado bursts, many of which start on one string and continue on another. Perfect for cleaning up your t...

  • Tangos Technique Workout - 2018 Stephen Hill 2A

    Guitar: 2018 Stephen Hill 2A Blanca (https://tinyurl.com/yd54q95l)
    Here's Kai Narezo with a technique workout for picado, arpeggio and alzapua in the Tangos compás. Kai plays a great new 2018 Stephen Hill 2A flamenco blanca.

    Huge thanks to Jurgen Reisch for use of his beautiful studio space!

  • Arpeggio Falseta Workout (Bulerias) - Tutorial

    Here's a bulerias falseta I wrote that's almost all arpeggio. It's got that 2 over 3 thing where we play three note phrases but in 8th notes (two notes per beat), and it also has a few faster triplet arpeggios thrown in. It's a nice all-purpose falseta that will also give your arpeggios a workout.

  • Compás Loops
    4 seasons

    Compás Loops

    4 seasons

    There is no variation in the compás, so if you can train yourself to hear the compás you should be able to lock in and get used to playing with the accompaniment of Palmas and cajón. It may not be the most interesting loop in the world, but its purpose is to help you hear the compás and not to be...

  • Rumba Right-Hand Patterns Tutorial

    In this tutorial, Kai covers several of the right-hand patterns for the rumba palo.

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/pq8hh7ff2evw8mplwwf61xme8/playlist/6ZXl4Gtlh9FVDgmQlCtOiq?si=KaA-ZWz-TtyaYtqWUivg-g

  • BOOK VIDEOS From Flamenco Explained: The Guitarist's Survival Guide

    6 seasons

    Free videos to accompany the book: Flamenco Explained: The Guitarist's Survival Guide. Note the palo and page number to watch the video example associated with the book.