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  • Friday Falseta - Riqueñi Fandangos de Huelva - PERFORMANCE

    A great and very popular Fandangos de Huelva falseta by the great Rafael Riqueñi, this one is a bit advanced. It has some big stretches and a few other tricky bits, but the heart of it is a relatively simple and beautiful melody in the bass strings.

  • Friday Falsetas

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    The complete list of falestas from our Friday Falseta series. TABS can be found here: https://flamencoexplained.com/tabs-and-notation/

  • Learn Flamenco Guitar - The Ultimate Guide

    1 season

    This is where it all begins. Whether you’re new to the guitar or just new to flamenco, this course was designed to teach you what you need to know to not only play flamenco, but to truly understand how flamenco works so that you can play now, but also continue learning. This course will give you ...

  • Soleá Explained - Escobilla Edition

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    Our course on accompnaying a danced Escobilla Por Soleá. Featuring dancer Estefania Narvaez and percussionist Chem Del Estad, this course looks at how to use a relatively limited repertoire of material to accompany various tempos and grooves that exist within a danced Soleá. The goal is not to le...

  • How To Practice Compás - Tutorial

    In this video we look at how to practice compás once you have the basic concepts down. We start by looking at Soleá, though the the concepts apply to pretty much all Palos. At the 15:10 mark we get into practicing Bulerias compás, and at 22:52 we get into one of the very specific things that mess...


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    The Escobilla Editions are close looks at one of the important aspects of accompanying the footwork section - the Escobilla - of any danced Palo. In addition to being very useful for those who want to accompany dance, learning how to play the Escobilla is a great way to improve your compás and to...

  • What Do These Words Mean? Dance Accompaniment Words Explained

    Really important words to know about when accompanying dance including escobilla, subida, cierre and llamada.


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    Our Cante Play Along Series was designed to provide the missing link in most flamenco guitarists’ education - the chance to play for a flamenco singer. We've produced videos of a fantastic young flamenco singer - Antonio El Turry - with percussion but without guitar, so you can experience what it...

  • BOOK VIDEOS From Flamenco Explained: The Guitarist's Survival Guide

    6 seasons

    Free videos to accompany the book: Flamenco Explained: The Guitarist's Survival Guide. Note the palo and page number to watch the video example associated with the book.

  • Friday Falseta - Tangos - Chord Progression Falseta Por Medio - PERFORMANCE

    A super useful Chord Progression Falseta for Tangos Por Medio. It’s pretty essential to have one or two of these for each Palo, and I write about why I like them so much, and ways you can make them your own, in this blog post - https://flamencoexplained.com/education/is-a-chord-progression-a-fals...