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  • Bulerías Explained LEVEL 1

    1 season

    We highly recommend finishing our Ultimate Guide course, or having a solid understanding of Soleá, before beginning this course. While much of the material will be accessible to beginners, many of the concepts will make much more sense if you have a firm grasp of the slower 12-beat compás.

    This ...

  • Bulerías Explained LEVEL 2

    1 season

    We highly recommend completing Level 1 before starting this level.

    Level 2 picks up where Level 1 left off, beginning with the all-important “Patata Pattern” and taking off from there. Start here only if you are quite sure that your basic compás is solid, as we quickly add variations that demand...

  • Bulerías Explained LEVEL 3

    1 season

    We highly recommend completing levels 1 & 2 before starting this level.

    In this level we get into some of the advanced concepts that will allow you to really feel comfortable no matter what happens in a Buleria. By the end of Level 3 you’ll have enough material to play some real, and groovy, Bul...

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 1 & 2 - Incorporating Falsetas - TUTORIAL

    In this crucial video for practicing to stay in compás as you add falsetas to your Bulerías repertoire, we break it down and look at a simple exercise for reinforcing good compás.

  • Bulerias Explained - Phrasing Bulerías in Sixes - Discussion and Demonstration

    Kai and percussionist Kassandra Kocoshis look at the two-feel and the three-feel in Bulerias - how they work together and against one another in real life. This videos is more of a discussion/demonstration than a tutorial, but should be helpful in showing how you can be more free in your use of r...

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 1 - The Four Elements of Bulerias Compás- TUTORIAL

    We look at a new way to organize your thinking about Bulerías compás that makes it easier to stay in compás no matter what.

  • Technique Playlist

    29 videos

    Here's where you'll find all of our technique videos, including intros to the various techniques and our Technique Bootcamp from 2019.

  • Learn Flamenco Guitar - The Ultimate Guide

    1 season

    A comprehensive course for getting started in the magical world of flamenco guitar. Find and download the course material here: https://q7t9p8w4.rocketcdn.me/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/FE_LFG_UltimateGuide.pdf

  • Tarantas Explained

    1 season

    Tarantas Explained is an advanced level course that explores and explains Tarantas, one of the Libre Palos. Tarantas has one of the most distinctive sounds of any Palo in flamenco. In this course we look at getting around in the ‘key’ of F# Phrygian, and we look at how to flow from falseta to fal...

  • Tarantos Explained

    1 season

    Tarantos Explained is an intermediate/advanced course that explores and explains Tarantos, the in-compás cousin of Tarantas. Tarantos, like Tarantas, has one of the most distinctive sounds of any Palo in flamenco. In this course we look at getting around in the ‘key’ of F# Phrygian and then get i...

  • Tangos Explained

    1 season

    Course Material notation and TABS for this course can be found here: https://flamencoexplained.com/tabs-and-notation/
    This Tangos Explained course was designed to be our Level 2 course, to be taken upon completion of our Learn Flamenco Guitar: The Ultimate Guide course, which focuses on Soleá. Ta...

  • Tientos Explained

    1 season

    Tientos Explained is an intermediate/advanced course covering everything you need to play Tientos. The course includes videos on basic compás, advanced compás variations, Llamadas and Cierres, various falsetas, and a Putting It Together video. To wrap it up we have a Tientos Cante video for learn...

  • Solea Por Buleria Explained

    1 season

    The .PDF Course material for this can be found here: https://flamencoexplained.com/tabs-and-notation/ This is an advanced course that covers what you need to know to play Soleá por Buleria, from basic compás to some pretty sophisticated falsetas. And of course we show you how to put it all togeth...

  • Seguirillas Explained

    1 season

    Course materials for the course can be found and downloaded here: https://flamencoexplained.com/tabs-and-notation/
    Seguirillas Explained is our in-depth look at what you need to know to play Seguirillas. It’s an intermediate-advanced course, so while much of the material presented is a bit challe...

  • Farruca Explained

    1 season

    Course Materials can be found here: https://flamencoexplained.com/tabs-and-notation/ Farruca Explained is an intermediate level course in which we cover what you need to know to start playing Farruca. We start out by looking at playing compás por Farruca, we look at some embellishments of the com...

  • Cante Explained

    1 season

    In Cante Explained we look at how to begin really understanding the accompaniment of flamenco Cante. With the help of singer Juan Murube we go into great detail on accompaniment of Soleá, and then take the skills we learn there and transfer to Bulerias and Tangos. And for good measure we look at ...

  • How To Practice Compás - Tutorial

    In this video we look at how to practice compás once you have the basic concepts down. We start by looking at Soleá, though the the concepts apply to pretty much all Palos. At the 15:10 mark we get into practicing Bulerias compás, and at 22:52 we get into one of the very specific things that mess...

  • Pro Tip - Free Playlist

    10 videos

    A collection of videos with useful tricks that most pros know, and other fun stuff. Ways to refine your practice and things about the guitar that every player should know.

  • Flamenco Video Glossary Pocket Guide - FREE

    23 videos

    The most important thing in flamenco is to understand, and be understood. Guitarists, singers and dancers often use different words to mean the same thing. We encourage you not to get hung up on the terms, but to help, we've provided this handy video glossary of terms you can quickly access. This...

  • Compás Loops

    6 seasons

    There is no variation in the compás, so if you can train yourself to hear the compás you should be able to lock in and get used to playing with the accompaniment of Palmas and cajón. It may not be the most interesting loop in the world, but its purpose is to help you hear the compás and not to be...

  • BOOK VIDEOS From Flamenco Explained: The Guitarist's Survival Guide

    6 seasons

    Free videos to accompany the book: Flamenco Explained: The Guitarist's Survival Guide. Note the palo and page number to watch the video example associated with the book.