Falsetas by Technique

If you already play some flamenco then there’s a good chance you're hungry for more falsetas. The falsetas you choose to play are part of what defines your personality as a flamenco player, so choose ones that speak to you. And boy have we got you covered. With over 130 falsetas on the site (and counting), we’re sure you’ll find what you're looking for.

In addition to the falsetas that are built into our Palo Courses, we have a vast library of falseta in most Palos and at all levels of difficulty from beginner to pro. You can search falsetas by Palo, and you can also search them by Technique if you’re looking to hone a specific technique.

For most falsetas we have three separate videos - a Performance, a Tutorial, and a Slow/Looped performance. The Performance videos are a straightforward performance of the falseta at a real-world tempo. The tutorial walks you through the notes, the compás and techniques, and anything else you might need to look out for as you learn the falseta. And the Slow/Looped performance is played at a much slower tempo than the Performance video, and looped a bunch of times, so you can play along with the falseta and get the hang of it (or find the spots that still need work) before working up to tempo.

We recommend choosing mostly falsetas that are appropriate to your current level, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing some that will push your limits! If you’re not sure what to choose, we recommend taking one of our Palo Courses, where we’ll provide you with falsetas for that Palo in the course. And if you’re still not sure, just email us.

  • Thumb Falsetas

    60 items

    A playlist of falsetas from various Palos that will all work your Thumb technique.

  • Picado Falsetas

    41 items

    If you're looking for falsetas to work on your Picado then this is the right place - tons of falsetas with varying degrees of difficulty that will work your Picado.

  • Arpeggio Falsetas

    54 items

    Want to work on your Arpeggios? Choose from the faletas in this playlist that all feature Arpeggio technique.

  • Alzapua Falsetas

    21 items

    Looking to work on your Alzapua? This playlist features falsetas in various Palos that will help you do just that!