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Alegrias Explained - Episode 1

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Cante and Cejilla placement - Free video

Cante • 1m 58s

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  • Alegrias Explained - Episode 1

    The first lesson looks at starting an Alegrias. As a guitarist, the only part of this where you need to play what I play is during the Cante, and then only if the singer is singing traditional letras. The falseta can be anything at all. You can even start Libre, or you can start with compás if yo...

  • Alegrias Explained - Episode 2

    In the second lesson we look at the first letra and the Coletilla and how to accompany them. These two sections of the cante generally follow the exact same chord progression, but they feel different. From there we get into the falseta and then the Llamada for the second letra.

    It’s traditional...

  • Alegrias Explained - Episode 3

    In this week’s episode we look at the second letra of the danced Alegrias - how to get into it, the letra itself, and what happens after. The accompaniment of the cante is the same as in the first letra - you can review that here: - but ge...