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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Patata Right hand Pattern - TUTORIAL



  • Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - Anothe...

    We look at another way to start the compás on beat 1 - this time with triplets. This will prepare you for a very popular two-compás phrase that gives learners a lot of trouble, so take your time with this one, so you don’t make the common mistakes that happen when starting on beat 1.

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - 2-Comp...

    This 2-compás passage seems to confuse just about everyone at first, so we break it down in a way that should be easy to follow. Take it slowly and pay attention to the details and you can be one of the ones who gets it right!

  • Bulerias Explained - Level 2 - The De...

    Though the traditional Desplante may sound a bit old-school in some contexts, there is a lot to be learned from its structure and the way it grooves. And you’ll hear a ton of modern variants of this, so you’ll want to have this under control, too.