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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Cante Play-Along - Bulerias Play-Along -Cante and Percussion - No Guitar

Bulerias Cante • 14m

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    Most Palos have a Macho - a different kind of letra that happens at the end that either speeds up (often morphing into another Palo) or changes key. The Macho por Soleá that we look at here does both, and it's a pretty common one. So while we've been singing a Soleá, this Macho speeds up into a S...

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    The bulería that happens at the end of the Alegrías is known as the Bulería de Cadiz, because Alegrías originated in the port city of Cadiz, and the letras are very distinctive. As far as the right hand is concerned it’s just another bulería, but the melodies and chords are different than the phr...

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    There are a few ways to end an Alegrías - the dancer can end on stage, go back to their chair or walk off stage. Either way you need to be accompanying the Cante and keeping up with the dancer, who may be speeding things up again at the very end. As with everything, once you know the options you’...