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Alegrias Compas - Tutorial

Am I in Compás? - Playlist • 20m

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  • Tangos Compas - Tutorial

    In this lesson we look at Tangos compás - how to feel it, how to count it, and some of the really important right hand patterns that we need to learn to play Tangos.

  • Seguirillas Lesson 1/3 - Counting and...

    In this video we look at the Llamada por Seguirillas as a way to really understand how to count and feel the compás. Seguirillas is built on the same 12-beat foundation as Soleá, but we feel and count it in a very different way, so this is a great place to start. We also look at one of the most c...

  • Seguirillas Lesson 2/3 - Compás - TU...

    In this video we get into the basic compás of Seguirillas and how to flow from the llamada into the compás and back again. By the end of this video you should have a solid understanding of how Seguirilla feels and how it works.