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Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Watch this video and more on Flamenco Explained

Friday Falseta - Seguirilla Alzapua and Stretch Falseta by Kai Narezo - TUTORIAL

Alzapua Falsetas • 13m

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  • Friday Falseta - Seguirilla Alzapua a...

    Here’s an uptempo Seguirillas falseta you might want to practice with a capo, given the left-hand stretches involved. In addition to the stretches it’s a good alzapua workout, so make sure you’re relaxed as you learn and practice this one. And try to hear the sextuplets in the alzapua before you ...

  • Lesson 4 - Part 11 - Alzapua Falseta

    In this lesson we look at another of the techniques unique to flamenco - Alzapua. We break down the technique and then look at a falseta so that we can apply this great new sound to our Soleá.

  • Refine Alzapua Technique - Pro Tip

    Refine your alzapua technique by paying attention to these few important things. In this alzapua flamenco guitar lesson, Kai covers alzapua bulerias and alzapua tangos and kinds of alzapua technique within those palos.