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Rasgueado - Glossary Term

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Compás Loops - 12s - With Click Accent on 6 & 8 - 200 BPM

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  • Rasgueado - Glossary Term

    Flamenco strumming - any time you use the back of the nails of your fingers (not the thumb) to play a note.

    Flick out each finger as if you are flicking a bug off your knee. We are trying for individual, percussive, and rhythmic strokes with each finger, rather than just unfurling your finger...

  • Compás Loops - 12s - With Click Accen...

    This compás loop is a very simple 12-beat compás suitable fora very fast Soleá por Buleria and Alegrias, or for Bulerias. This version has a metronome click with accents on beats 6 and 8 to help you find your way in the compás. There is no variation in the compás, so if you can train yourself to ...

  • Por Fiesta - Glossary Term

    Either a style of dancing or simply playing Por Medio on the guitar.